Team Profile – Brett Wheeler


Hi my name’s Brett wheeler I’m 26 years young and I’m from Bournemouth in Dorset. My whole life I have had 2 wheels between my legs, at 2 i was riding push bikes with no stabilisers and at 4 years old my dad bought me a Yamaha PW50.
For the next 20 years my life was Moto X doing all the major youth nationals then progressing to the adults where my racing improved winning 8 local championships, 1 south west champs and having a 7th in 2007 125 British champs and a 6th in 2008.
I then took up mountain bike dirt jumping in 2011 and progressed quickly picking up some good sponsors and in 2012 I was competing in major UK competitions. Unfortunately at round 1 I badly broke my leg and had to give up the dirt jumping. In October 2012 I was introduced to downhill mountain biking and really enjoyed it, it gave me the feelings I used to get when I raced motocross. There’s such a rush racing through trees fast and riding through rock gardens at high speed. At the end of 2012 I entered some races in the seniors with each race progressing with better positions.

October 2012 – Southern champs – 18th place
November 2012 – UK bike park series rd1 – 3rd place

My 2013 season has been going a lot better having raced 3 more races in the seniors,

Woodlands winter series rd 1 – 4th place with 40 riders in my class
Forest of dean – 8th place with 90 riders in my class
Woodlands winter series rd2 – 6th place with 36 riders in my class
Forest of dean rd 2 – 8th place with 90 riders in my class

I am really enjoying racing downhill and after 5 months of riding I’m happy with my progress and can hopefully keep on progressing to the front and will also be riding the first British national at Combe Syd in Devon in April.

I would like to thank some guys that have come aboard and will be supporting me in 2013
Alex and James at muc off , Andy at charge clothing, Paul shires for sorting me out with herbalife and Gary chambers at dogcam these guys have been a great help so far.

Hopefully see you guys at the races

Brett wheeler