New Charge Unit Bmx/Skate Park is almost finished


4 months hard graft and we are almost there. featuring one of the biggest if not the biggest indoor jump boxes in the UK, dubbed the “rhino Box” it has a 6ft take off to almost 8ft high humped landing, the humped landing makes it safer to try big tricks. The rhino Box is has had it’s fair share of use already in perfecting the beast, back flips, cliff hangers and double tail whips have been the favourites.

The main run starts off with a 11ft roll in, hitting a 5ft to 6ft mini Rhino box, then straight after that is the big 8ft Rhino box, then there is a 16ft Vert Wall. After riding the wall  you can choose your line over a smaller 5ft jump box to spine back to 8ft quarter or hit the hip to the 5ft midi ramp and street section .

The street side has a long two level hubbas, going down two levels.  The other side has a 5.5ft flatbank and in between there is a double level ledge and movable pieces like manual pad, small rail, and kickers.  Plus small jump box and spine for beginners that can be moved.

There will also be a foam pit built at the back soon, at the front there will be a mezzanine floor for viewing and relaxing with a cafe, video games, pool table and other entertainment. There will also be a shop for spares and accessories.

We hope to open on the 1st May and soon after hold demos and competitions inviting the Pros to ride the park putting on show for the locals.