Dotz Studio Fund/ New Album Pre-Order

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‘YO!!! This campaign is to help me build my own home studio to enable me to keep creating as much music as possible for my loyal fans!!’

Please Pledge some funds to help our man Dotz build his studio..

Dotz (23), one half of UKHH duo Phili’N’Dotz and a Jump Off battle rap champion well known on the underground battle circuit, with a list as long as his arm of battle victories he is a renowned freestyler, quoted by UKHH messiah Chester P as ‘genuinely one of the best freestyle battlers around’ but don’t let that fool you into pigeon holing Dotz as ‘just another battle mc’. Dotz also has a string of releases under his belt, starting with an 8 track EP project named ‘The country Bumpkin’s Drunk Singing Skunk Binge’, followed up by a collaborative EP with singer Flo aptly named ‘The Flotz EP’, followed shortly after by the highly praised Phili’N’Dotz debut album ‘Phil N’ the Dotz’ which really boosted his name into the scene and set in stone that the kid is here to stay. Dotz is currently working on new solo material, as well as collaborating on two EP projects aswel as focussing on the PND release so expect a lot more from the young and hungry MC over the rest of 2014 and beyond!

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